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Our Mission

We build solid foundations on which our clients can thrive. Like a rock tower we balance piece upon piece. But when done right, it builds a solid foundation.
Strength In Care delivers professional and personalized supports. We are trained and highly experienced in handling intense and complex clients and situations.
Strength in Care is an organization without exclusions. Strength In Care actively finds solutions and new ways to engage our clients. We are trained in behaviours of concern and don’t walk away when the going gets tough.

We endeavor to give all of our clients a respectful experience that makes them feel empowered. Quality of life and positive outcomes are what we thrive on.
We are a safe place for LGBTQ-community members as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We respect different cultures and understand that people from different backgrounds have different customs and routines.


Our Core Values

Solid Foundations

Strength In Care will deliver solid support, Support that is there for you, and does what it is supposed to do. This is our foundation. Strength In Care is trustworthy, punctual, and confident. 

Caring Support

Strength In Care cares. We deliver focused support to our clients. We understand disability and mental health. We don’t judge, we are inclusive and we will respect and cherish your wishes and support demands.

Personal Touch

Strength In Care delivers services at people’s homes and in the community. We pride ourselves on having a personal touch, Always keeping in mind family dynamics, personal needs, cultural preferences, and what makes a client or their families smile.