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Providing compassionate care for young people impacted by behaviours and trauma

Strength In Care is an NDIS registered disability organisation that provides caring solutions for individuals with disabilities and their families. They specialise in intensive support, long-term care solutions, and matching carers with participants. Their expertise includes behaviours of concern and behavioural problems, with a focus on children, teenagers, and young adults. We stay the course and find solutions for every individual in our care. We have experience working with behaviours of concern, restrictive practices and trauma.

Strength In Care is located in Mornington but delivers services all around the greater Melbourne area, focusing on the Southeastern suburbs.

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First Nations and CALDS NDIS Youth Support

Strength In Care encourages young people from First Nations and CALDS backgrounds to look at a career supporting others in their community.

Our identified First Nations and CALDS specified esteemed staff are competent in cultural ethics and appropriateness, acknowledging first nation’s history, moral principles, and the needs to mentor, encourage, advocate a voice to be heard, personal growth in a supported environment. Possessing the strengths in collaboration with cultural specialists, the New Zealand Maori and Pacific Island mobs, we have adopted the systemic structures of family values, togetherness, the importance to bond, reconnect and to build STRENGTH IN CARE within ourselves and in the community. By learning to live together with these added values, we can begin the process of harmony and respect to ourselves, each other and the wider society.

Experienced and dedicated staff 

At Strength In Care, we understand the importance of experienced staff, long-term care solutions, and collaborative family support. Our team of experienced staff and management work collaboratively with families to provide tailored disability support services that honor the unique strengths and abilities of each individual. We specialize in providing long-term care solutions that focus on empowering individuals with disabilities and their families, with a particular emphasis on behaviors of concern. As an NDIS registered disability organisation, you can trust us to provide compassionate care that meets your unique needs.

Caring Supports

We believe that collaboration is key to providing the best possible care for individuals with disabilities and their families. We work closely with care teams and other professionals to ensure that our tailored disability support services meet the unique needs of each individual.

Piece of Mind

We are committed to providing the latest science-based approaches to disability support services. We believe that constantly learning, collaborating, and individualising our supports is essential to providing the best possible care for individuals with disabilities and their families.

At Strength In Care, we understand that your loved one deserves a dedicated team that is trained to provide the best possible care. Our experienced staff and management team are committed to providing compassionate care that meets the unique needs of our clients.

Working Together 

At Strength In Care, we are an NDIS registered disability organisation that is committed to providing disability support services that are safe, effective, and respectful of the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities. We can provide restrictive practices if needed and adhere to all the guidelines and regulations.

Always Evolving

Our Services

Community Participation

Assistance with self care and daily living skills 

Team Management

Our experienced and trained staff will make sure your loved one has access to their favourite activities in the community. 

We can tailor our services to make sure they work for the particpant and their family. 

We can help create routines, set up schedules and work towards independence for our participants. 

Our staff is dedicated to help our clients and create improved living solutions. 

Having a loved one with a disability can cause  enough strain on a family. Having to manage and lead a team of support workesr can be hard. 

Strength In Care can help with these tasks and manage the rostering, team meetings, communications and other needs for you. 

Our Mission

At Strength In Care, our mission is to provide solid foundations of support to our clients, like a rock over a balancing act. We are trustworthy, punctual, and confident in delivering the caring support our clients need. We understand disability and mental health, and we don’t judge. Instead, we are inclusive, respecting and cherishing our clients’ wishes and support demands. With a personal touch, we keep in mind family dynamics, personal needs, cultural preferences, and what makes our clients and their families smile. Our goal is to empower our clients to live their best lives with the support they need.

Our Core Values

Solid Foundations

Strength In Care will deliver solid support, Support that is there for you, and does what it is supposed to do. This is our foundation. Strength In Care is trustworthy, punctual, and confident. 

Caring Support

Strength In Care cares. We deliver focused support to our clients. We understand disability and mental health. We don’t judge, we are inclusive and we will respect and cherish your wishes and support demands.

Personal Touch

Strength In Care delivers services at people’s homes and in the community. We pride ourselves on having a personal touch, Always keeping in mind family dynamics, personal needs, cultural preferences, and what makes a client or their families smile.

Olivier “Ollie” Vles


Founder and Managing-Director 


Ollie is the founder and managing director at Strength in Care. He runs the day to day operations such as delivering care to participants, team support and improving communication around participants as both team manager and support coordinator. 

Ollie has qualifications in social work, youth work, child and family interventions, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, counseling and community services management. He has over 20 years experience working with behaviours of concern and has extensive training in therapeutic and trauma-informed care. He has vast knowledge of how trauma and brain chemistry can influence brain development and how these elements relate to behaviours of concern and disability disorders.

Additionally, Ollie has worked with children and teenagers in the out of home care system, helping them navigate through life and encouraging positive choices that are both challenging and rewarding.

Throughout his experience in working with people with mental health issues, disabilities, behavioural disorders, and through crises and emergencies with different clients, he is quick to adapt to any situation that may arise.

Olivier Vles

Anitelea “Ani” Ta’ase 


Manager New South Wales and First Nations and CALDS Project Officer

Olivier Vles

Ani is a New Zealander born to Samoan parents in Christchurch, New Zealand. Growing up in a society known for racism/ white supremist groups in the South Island, Ani learnt quickly the divided cultural standards, privileged socio economics and living structures within suburban regions in the 80s/90’s. Ani struggled with identity growing up as a non-speaking Samoan person, but traditionally raised in Samoan cultural values and respects to serve community and family.

With these life skills adapting to diversity, Ani after secondary education worked in a multitude of employment industries from labouring, hospitality, trades, government agencies and employment services. Ani found his passion in community service and started a career in youth working. Ani acknowledged his personality to work with youth as a mentor and inspirations for youth to focus on future career aspirations. Ani roles evolved to a Youth bail coordinator before leaving to Australia for a new beginning. Ani started as a Youth at Risk Residential carer and quickly become a house supervisor mentoring staff and advocating for house residents promoting and encouraging individual people skills to live independently. Ani changed roles to a youth justice support coordinator working with teenagers in the judicial system. Ani fell in love working with cultural participants specifically first nations and pacific Island youth acknowledging empathetically similar traumas with identity.

Ani obtains qualifications in sports business management, social work, youth work, child and family interventions, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, and community services management. He has over 30 years’ experience working with high-Risk behaviours and has extensive training in therapeutic and trauma-informed care. Ani has worked extensively in a disability residential care facility and supported youth with severe anxiety, Autism, mental health and behaviour disorders.

Ani ambitions is to mentor teams to support our youth providing the appropriate advocation, dedication to excellence and high standard quality to ensure the pathway to a life moving forward is sustainable and a positive journey with STRENGTH IN CARE.


Easy and open Communication

At Strength In Care, we understand the importance of open communication between families and care teams. That’s why we use an app to faciultate this. We want our participant’s families to be involved in their care and know who isw orking and what is happening. Our technology solutions allow for timely updates, secure messaging, and easy access to care plans and other important information. We believe that technology can help to strengthen the relationship between families and care teams, and improve the quality of care that is provided. As an NDIS registered disability organisation, you can trust us to use technology in a way that is safe, effective, and respectful of your privacy.

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