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Support Worker Services

Strength In Care provides highly competent and trained staff. We can provide NDIS-funded supports for community participation and assistance with self-care.

Strength In Care can provide support in the home, community, or designated location. We can provide a support worker for a certain time a week or supply a team to help you with your needs.

Strength In Care matches supports with the clients. We want to support participants to build relationships. Therefore we try and make sure you will always have the same support worker. With Strength In Care the support worker commits to delivering supports.

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Support Coordination

Strength In Care delivers support coordination services to participants around Victoria. We can help participants find the right supports, access them, help them with reviews and plan meetings, advocate for them and make sure that their p[lans have sufficient funds available for them.

NDIS Team management

At Strength in Care we understand that the day-to-day arrangements around a child or family member with severe disabilities can be time-consuming and stressful. We provide the service that can take away some of those burdens.
We always sit down with our clients in order to create a plan that works for them and their individual situation. We offer a variety of different packages which are all customisable and can be adjusted according to your needs.
Managing a team of support workers who take care of a loved one can be challenging. Strength in Care can assist you with some of these challenges; staff introductions, training, supervision and keeping track of invoicing. We can offer you as much assistance as you need. Additionally, we can act as the primary point of contact for support staff and offer after-hour service if needed.
We create a professional environment by implementing data recording tools and installing an online communication platform for the whole care team, which consequently improves overall communication and facilitates the implementation of improved routines and barriers. This settles the participant and results in positive outcomes for both the participant as well as their family.
Strength in Care works together with your existing care team. Having the right support system in place is extremely important and we can help you with that. We advocate for all our clients and are involved in planning and funding if needed.
The team management services Strength in Care provides can be funded by the NDIS. The services are delivered according to the NDIS guidelines. Provider and participant must agree on the terms and expected outcomes before signing the service agreement.