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Behaviours is our strength

Looking for disability support services that can provide intensive support, long-term care solutions, and match you with the right carer? Look no further than Strength In Care – an NDIS registered disability organisation that specializes in providing caring solutions for individuals with disabilities and their families. Whether you or your loved one has behaviors of concern or behavioral problems, Strength In Care has the expertise to help with experienced and motivated staff members. They specialize in supporting children, teenagers, and young adults and can provide a range of services to meet your unique needs. 

Experienced Staff

Strength In Care has years of experience working with behaviours of concern. We know the behaviours and we know how to manage them. We work with stakeholders and families to create a holistic approach that works for the participant and the people who support them. We understand the challenges that come with having a child or family member with behavioural issues and will help them and the family find solutions, techniques and strategies to manage these behaviours. Our staff are matched with participants and we create long-lasting and invested relationships with our participants.

Individual science based approaches

We have experience working with participants who suffer from all kinds of disabilities. We work with participants on all aspects of the autism spectrum, from non-verbal to high-functioning autism. As well as the experience and expertise to support participants with mental health issues and psychiatric conditions . Strength In Care uses trauma-informed and therapeutic strategies to help our clients. We understand the science behind trauma and disabilities and we thrive on creating individualised systems that work for our participants, their care team and families.

Registered for Restrictive Practices

Strength In Care is an NDIS-registered organisation which can work with severe behaviours and has the relevant registrations to implement restrictive practices when needed.

If you want to see if Strength In Care can help you or a loved one please don’t hesitate to use the below form to ask for a free consultation.

Community and in-home support, team management and support coordination


We pride ourselves in committing to our clients to ensure the best results for participants, their families and disability care professionals.
Strength in Care provides solutions to anyone who needs help managing the life of a loved one.
We assist in support work; managing and supervising support teams, support coordination, building relationships and routines.




Autism, mental health and behaviours of concern


 We invariably embrace harder and more challenging clients. We collaborate with them and their families to improve their lives.
Strength in Care is experienced in working with people of all age groups and different abilities.
We specialise in children, teenagers and young adults with mental health issues, autism, dual diagnoses and behaviours of concern.




NDIS Registered and Certified organisation


We deliver in-home, in-community care and facilitate community access and self-care activities to our clients.
Strength in Care is an NDIS registered and certified organisation that provides support coordination, including level 3 specialised support coordination, and is registered to deliver services with restrictive practices in place.




Trained and experienced support workers


We value our support staff and all our staff receives ongoing training and necessary support.
We deliver quality support based on our holistic views of providing support and care, with all aspects of our clients’ lives taken into account.
We advocate for a positive work environment and understand that improving a highly complex situation requires time and dedication, as well as routines and consistency.
Strength In Care is always looking for the right candidates for support worker roles and support coordination. 

Our team

Strength In Care has a core team of support workers. We work with highly experienced, trained and capable staff.

Complaints and Feedback

Strength In Care wants all participants and stakeholders to feel supported when they have a complaint or feedback. You can also leave a comment anonymously.

Get in touch

Strength In Care offers free consultations for any new clients who are participants of the NDIS. Get in touch and we can book an in-person, online or phone conversation to discuss your needs.

Participant Information

All relevant information and documentation for our participants and prospective clients.